Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

Is your brand testing Social Media with no much success? You are not sure where to start…Facebook? Twitter? Blogging? Youtube? are you monitoring the social media results against key business/brand metrics?

You can either try all of the above and wait and see how it works or you can let a social media consultant like us to define a social media strategy and tactical implementation (management) for you.

Our Social Media Activation Package has been defined by social media experts and will help you activate and manage key social media channels for your brand.

eDigital Social Media Activation Package include:

  • Brand and campaigns review: eDigital social media experts will review your product offering, your campaigns and track how “social” they are. We find out here, how many people are talking about your category, your brands and marketing campaigns in order to define a baseline before activating any social media plan.
  • Industry and Competitive review:  Here, you will be able to know what industry and competitors’ topics bring  the most “social engagement" and in which social media channels.
  • Social Media Strategy matching with Brand and Business goals/objectives: eDigital Social Media Consultant will match your business/brand objectives to a new social media strategy so you know how each social media activity adds to your business bottom line.
  • Identifying key Social Objects: Taking it from the successful Social Object Theory, eDigital Social Media service will identify top three “social objects” that will become the centre pieces for “social conversations” that people will share and participate on. Note: This is probably the most important piece of your social media strategy.
  • Monitoring tools review: we will give you a rundown on the top two most relevant social media monitoring tools and how they can help you track your social campaigns. Nowadays the Social Media Tools are different and can target specific industry cahllenges.
  • Social channels activation: We set and and push live all the key channels identified on the social media strategy. (Paid social platforms, tools will be paid by you and eDigital can set them up for you).
  • Social Media channels launch plan. You are launching a new social channels and you need to get some fans/followers. eDigital social media service create a launch plan for your to activate and get those first followers and fans.
  • Social Media Engagement and Content plan (3 months). eDigital social media content gurus will present a key content plan for the next three months taking in consideration all your marketing campaign activity, new products/services, company news, sponsorships, charity, events, etc. This plan will even give you the date and frequency on when to activate each of your social channels.

Social Media consulting by an expert will decrease time and effort you spend trying to figure out how to activate, manage and measure social media.

Focus on what you do best and let our eDigital Social Media directly help bring new customers and increase current customer lifetime value by either increasing frequency/loyalty or average sale.


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