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How to SEO a website for great Google organic (free) rankings requires an experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts/consultants who can successfully work on the below SEO challenges:

  • Understanding how search engines work and knowing what search engines look when crawling, indexing and ranking websites.
  • Spotting popular search terms queries in your industry or geolocation.
  • Finding Content gaps (popular searched content that your website might not have) and providing content analysis. 
  • Help you understand how to make your website SEO friendly across top SEO areas including: technical, taxonomy, internal linking and content.
  • Identify external factors that can help drive more organic traffic. Cross promotions, consumer competitions, database building, Social Media, in-bound links, etc.

Based in Sydney, Australia; our SEO services (inc SEO Audits and SEO training) can provide you with a tangible road map of actions you need implement to get extra organic traffic to your website.

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eDigital SEO Audit includes:


  • Google Verification: We check whether you website is currently indexed or not by Google. (Standard from any SEO companies). We will need your Google Webmaster account logins. (Technical activities to make your website index are not included).
  • Crawling errors: We check if there are url’s that are not being indexed by Google. Possible errors include: Not found, URLs not followed, URLs restricted by robots.txt, URLs timed out, HTTP errors, URL unreachable, Soft 404s. (Fixing the errors is not included).
  • Code bloating: We check if there are unnecessary code or any code errors preventing your website being indexed by Google. (Fixing the code errors is not included).


  • Internal Linking optimisation: We check your current website internal linking strategy and suggest best practices for internal linking and present examples on how to improve your internal linking.
  • Site Map improvements: We audit your site map and present ways to improve it. If your website does not have a site map, we present you with the latest site map build best practices.
  • Page content optimization: I present you exact examples on how you can better write content for your pages How to use titles and embed other relevant content and create “call to actions”. (Creation of new content is not included).
  • Tag Optimization: we check the optimal use of Page titles, Page descriptions (Meta descriptions), H1 and Alt tags. We provide you with key examples on how to improve your tags ( Creation of tags is not included).
  • Content Gaps Analysis: This is one of the most valuable areas of our SEO audit for you as we will find out and analyse top search term combinations across different components (search popularity/industry content volume/website content volume/paid competition/conversion rate) to discover the “low hanging fruit” search queries your website should focus on to quickly win organic traffic from search engines. We will provide a priority content themes/topics list for you to create and optimize for popular high converting search terms. (production of content is not included)


  • Goals audit: We check if you have created correctly your “Goals” on Google Analytics and if not, we will suggest way to properly set up your goals. 
  • Conversion Analysis: web data (Google Analytics or other) analysis on what terms and traffic sources are driving conversions and ways to improve conversions.
  • Automated Google Analytics Reports: we will explain benefits of automated reports and how to create them on Google Analytics. (Creation of reports is not included)


  • Inbound Link Analysis: We will audit the way other websites are linking to your website and provide best practices when you brief other websites to link to you (Optimized Anchor text) to gain “Google Juice”. We will also explain how to spot other websites for link building (Relevancy and Authority factors).
  • Cross promotion analysis: we provide a list of key websites for you to cross- promote with taking into consideration your current partners, providers and other industry, media and government websites.


  • Session one (30 min) to confirm brief, website objectives and deliverables.
  • Session two for SEO Audit report presentation (Up to 90 min).


  • Google Analytics/Webmaster tools/CMS log ins.
  • Company information: objectives, marketing calendar, competitors and key products. Information about key partners, suppliers and customer segments.
  • Clear understanding of top thee objectives of website (key conversion points)


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About eDigital
Mauricio Escobar (BA Business Management – Masters of Marketing) is a Sydney based Social and Digital Media Consultant at eDigital.

Mauricio has helped for more than 10 years companies to earn new customers and prolong customer lifetime value by effective social & digital media optimization. Mauricio has worked as Digital Marketing Manager for a number of top digital websites including News Limited,,,, and currently working on Mauricio has also offered consulting and training to,,, and also offering consulting to international websites including:,

Mauricio expertise focuses on Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Acquisition and Digital Media.

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